Reveal & Accelerate your Leadership - INTENSIVE

My passion is Women Leadership, my mission is to enable you to reveal and to accelerate your talents as a woman-leader so you enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Coaching usually takes places over a number of sessions/months however your need may not require it. Coaching offers tools that are very effective to get clarity on a question or challenge or simply to take stock.

And also if you are curious as to whether Coaching is for you, this Intensive enables you to do a test !

Are you ready to BE the best you can be?


If you have a pressure point but don’t feel the need for a long-term coaching I offer an “Intensive” over 2 sessions.

Through questionning & reflecting, this coaching enables you to:

  • Get the answer to a key question
  • Take stock and set an objective on a professional project
  • Create a plan of action to achieve a goal
  • Or other professional challenges which today are heavy on your mind, using up your energy and your time with little results.

The cost of the Intensive coaching is €300/£280

My commitments:

  • I commit to using my tools and skills as a certified Coach
  • I commit to leveraging my 20 years experience in Leadership, management and business strategy
  • I have an unwavering faith in your talents, skills and abilities
  • I commit to your full autonomy and responsibility (I am not a guru)
  • I commit to being myself, authentically with candor and benevolence
Commitment is important to me and I expect commitment on your side too.


inspiration & tools to be the leader of your career

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