Inspire – Develop – Change


Our philosophy is to invite participants to be actively invested in their growth as managers and leaders.
Training is an investment of time, energy and money so it is key to ensure this active participation and see clear improvements in style and desired behaviours.
Our Trainer-coach approach focuses on the trainee’s existing resources and skills. It is important for us to strengthen the self-confidence of the individual to enable him or her to acquire new skills, improve existing skills and enhance their management behaviour and leadership style.
We also value training as a way to anchor the culture of an organisation. As such we try and maintain a continuity with tools and resources already and we ensure we include the organisation strategy and language as much as possible.



Our mission is to support the development of Conscious leadership and the skills and behaviours it requires: positive mindset, empathy, collaboration, on-going learning – for ourselves and others.
We offer training in Operational Management with a positive and solution-focused approach. And because more and more Managers are project leaders and need to lead cross-functional teams we introduce them to the Manager-Coach style, a relevant and impactful way to engage and influence teams.
Most of our Management and Leadership training sessions explore the concept of the “Positive Mindset”, a resilient, solution-focused mindset which is essential to develop as a Leader in a sustainable and serene way.
Our expertise being Leadership, we propose sessions on specific subjects such as change management, team engagement or communication through the leadership prism.


Our training method is multi-modal and focused on active participation.
Each training sequence consists of 4 activities: discovery, expositive, application and evaluation activities. These 4 phases encourage collective intelligence, cross-functional sharing and pragmatic reflection, facilitating learning and the development of a common culture among the members of an organisation.
Participants receive all the relevant support documents: the concepts worked on as well as the techniques or tools used.
Most of our interventions can be carried out face-to-face or remotely (videoconferencing).




Each training programme is designed to meet the needs of your organisation. We do not offer a “catalogue”, instead we listen and analyse your expected objectives, the context and the wishes of the participants.
This choice of a tailor-made approach allows us to be aligned with the unique character of your organisation and to be free to create a format and content that allows participants to develop their skills and behaviour: why not include a collective intelligence aspect to encourage innovation? or a team coaching approach to foster cohesion and experience a new form of management?
The possibilities are many and that’s great! The business world is constantly changing, isn’t it obvious that the training of the professionals who work within it should also be changing to meet new challenges.

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