Welcome to this 5 part video series


This series is designed to support you get a winning annual review that sets you up for career growth in 2018.

An annual review is a great tool to wake us up from the autopilot we often find ourselves on at work, it helps us get insights about ourselves, our skills and mindset. This enables us to reflect on our achievements, get clearer on what we aim for and design a plan on how to reach your career goals.

  • In part 1 I’ll give you some basics in terms of organisation and mindset
  • In part 2 we’ll look at feedback – giving & receiving it so it’s useful and it feels good
  • In part 3 I’ll dive into some mindset work so you live the process as a leader
  • In part 4 We’ll look at how you get the key learnings so you can move forward
  • Finally in part 5 I’ll show you how to switch into planning mode so you’re set up for career success!

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Let’s go!


We look at how to get the basics right and get in the driving seat.

Getting organised has 2 benefits: it takes a load off your mind and it impacts how you feel about the process: you are in charge, in the driving seat, the process is here to serve YOU …

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Hi I’m Carine San Juan, after an international corporate career I sought to understand how we could do business in a more conscious way. Today as a certified Leadership Coach, Consultant and Trainer I put my experience & expertise in supporting women to embrace their leadership for a rewarding and successful career. Are you ready?

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