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Often ideas happen as a result of meeting someone, and this new coaching package is no exception. After the work I did with a new mum returning to work I reflected on when I went back to work after Mat leave and … Read More


Alone we go FAST but together we go FAR

A friend has these words on her business card: “Alone we go fast, together we go far.” It is tempting to go it alone, we talk about agility and quick-reaction and this is true. However I realised a while ago … Read More


How to remove gossip from your life

A few months ago I read a lovely book, L’âme du monde by F. Lenoir, and in it I came across the following: “A man visits a wise old man: – Master, I must tell you how your disciple behave. … Read More

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Are you Team Scarlett or Team Melanie?

Gone in a Scarlett whirlwind When I was 12-13 my mother gave me a book, “Gone with the wind”, the cover had the famous image of Vivien Leigh as a beautiful Scarlett in her green ball gown with a cheeky smile. … Read More