coming out of spiritual closet

Coming out of the spiritual closet

Last November I was reading a blogpost discussing the benefits of ‘coming out’ of the spiritual closet. I felt it was written just for me: I spoke of authenticity but I did not really live it on a daily basis … Read More


An inspiring story

Came across this story and I thought it was moving and inspiring. no one is broken Let me know what you think. Carine X

To focus on a mantra

Hellooooo! So I’m back with a little idea you my find interesting. At the start of the year I made a pledge to be less judgmental, not the easiest but essential for me. I have ups and downs as I try … Read More


How to remove gossip from your life

A few months ago I read a lovely book, L’âme du monde by F. Lenoir, and in it I came across the following: “A man visits a wise old man: – Master, I must tell you how your disciple behave. … Read More

Fear…that life-sucker

Fear is everywhere, just from the top of my head: fear for my safety and that of my family, fear for my financial stability, fear of being misunderstood, fear of catching a cold, fear of missing my train…You see from … Read More