resolutions that light you up

Resolutions are good, what lights you up is better!

Happy New Year and may all dreams come true! (better late than never as they say…) I rarely make resolutions and even less so on New Year’s Day, my resolutions are made when necessary regardless of the date. I see … Read More

coming out of spiritual closet

Coming out of the spiritual closet

Last November I was reading a blogpost discussing the benefits of ‘coming out’ of the spiritual closet. I felt it was written just for me: I spoke of authenticity but I did not really live it on a daily basis … Read More

autumn automne iraty pays basque

An autumnal pause in the Basque countryside

I hope you enjoy this little pause in the basque countryside any time you need a lift, just click on the picture. Have a lovely week-end. Carine X  


An inspiring story

Came across this story and I thought it was moving and inspiring. no one is broken Let me know what you think. Carine X


How to remove gossip from your life

A few months ago I read a lovely book, L’âme du monde by F. Lenoir, and in it I came across the following: “A man visits a wise old man: – Master, I must tell you how your disciple behave. … Read More

personal development melanie scarlett gone with the wind autant en emporte le vent

Are you Team Scarlett or Team Melanie?

Gone in a Scarlett whirlwind When I was 12-13 my mother gave me a book, “Gone with the wind”, the cover had the famous image of Vivien Leigh as a beautiful Scarlett in her green ball gown with a cheeky smile. … Read More

keep diary is good personal development indigo paths

Keep a diary and some day it’ll keep you…

The full quote from Peaches O’Day (played by Mae West) in “Every day’s a holiday” is “I always say keep a diary and some day it will keep you” and she couldn’t be more right. There are many reasons to keep a … Read More