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Mercury Retrograde…

So what’s that? Nothing wrong with my thermometer? It’s not a football trick on Inazuma11Go? You give up? This is astrology … expected response: oooooooh, astrology! I’m not big on astrology, when I was younger & in France I used … Read More


How to remove gossip from your life

A few months ago I read a lovely book, L’âme du monde by F. Lenoir, and in it I came across the following: “A man visits a wise old man: – Master, I must tell you how your disciple behave. … Read More

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Let children be bored

Really? Yes, it’s good for them. There seems to be a modern day obsession with activities, a kid at home with no scheduled, supervised activities is bordering child-abuse: your kid is not being entertained, learning or training? Bad parent. Our children … Read More