coming out of spiritual closet

Last November I was reading a blogpost discussing the benefits of ‘coming out’ of the spiritual closet. I felt it was written just for me: I spoke of authenticity but I did not really live it on a daily basis for fear of being judged. I decide to comment, forgetting that one day I had probably given my personal details, I press ‘enter’ and boom! my comment is online … with my name and surname … horror! I burst out laughing, the universe’s just played one of its favourite tricks on me: “there you go Sweetheart, you want to be yourself, go ahead, I’ll even help you out see, here’s your name for the world to see”

I bathed in spirituality since childhood thanks to my mother. She had a personal practice including meditation which she shared with a circle of friends but I was advised not to share it as others would not understand. It didn’t bother me, the new-age world was graced with some seriously ‘shaken & stirred’ folks and I hated all the post-70s stuff, kaftan and patchouli. Even today when I see someone dressed in the ‘perfect spiritual’ kit and sporting a beatific smile I run a mile.

Because of my childhood my spiritual values ​​were well anchored however I admit burying them for many years, I blame a love-story with my ego. Fast-forward to 2014 when I (re) focus on my spiritual journey although I’m still convinced I shouldn’t share my views unless 100% sure of whom I’m speaking to.

Occasionally I slip up and I notice that nothing happens, I expect people to look at me strangely or tell me I’m a nutcase but no. At worst the conversation moves on to something else or a rich dialogue develops, and it is usually the latter.

When you’re on a journey of development, whatever it is (business, spiritual, creative etc), it is safer, more fun and more rewarding not to travel alone. Having a ‘power posse’, a tribe sharing your vision helps enormously in moving forward, getting out of difficult moments and to celebrate small and large victories.

So I suggest you get out of your closet: spiritual, sexual, blogging, business, whatever it is.

A closet, even a nice fitted one, is limiting so get out and go find your tribe …



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