resolutions that light you up

Happy New Year and may all dreams come true! (better late than never as they say…)

I rarely make resolutions and even less so on New Year’s Day, my resolutions are made when necessary regardless of the date. I see every moment as an opportunity to (re)start! At the moment I’m facing a growing to-do list which doesn’t feel right. Hmm, let’s see what we can do here…I open the ‘management’ drawer in my brain and remember that establishing priorities is often critical to the success of a project.

A step in the right direction but not exactly what I need, for me it is more than prioritising. What is important for me today? it’s my mental wellbeing so I should focus on the mental & emotional state I want to be in daily. For that I need to focus on WHAT LIGHTS ME UP. That’s it!

What lights me up? Being my authentic self and serve others: accept myself as I am and have a business where I can be myself and help others achieve their personal and business goals. To get there they are 3 aspects of my life that are non-negotiable: my coaching practice and coaching clients (coaching), setting up my new business as a Coach (Business), my personal development and intuition in particular (Intuition). There are 4 boxes on the picture? I see you’re paying attention! That’s because I have stuff/obligations that I simply cannot just drop (The Rest)

Let’s be honest, we all have a ‘The Rest’ zone and that’s usually the one that fills out to-do list. It’s not thrilling but that’s life and I think we either (sincerely) accept an item and move on OR we find a solution because there is usually one (eg. weekly cleaner vs monthly restaurant night) OR we say no (the joy of assertiveness).

resolutions that light you up

Once I’ve established my non-negotiables I notice that there can be some flexibility. The time required by each aspect (Coaching/Business/Intuition/The Rest) can vary from one week or one month to the next, for example the weeks I’m training 50% of my available brain/focus is taken up. Therefore I’ve drawn my ‘zones’ in pencil so it is dynamic and I can update it. Some items are written in pen as they are a must in achieving my desire state.

The visual aspect allows me to see my priorities in 2-D: the importance of each aspect in a given period and the to-do items  for each aspect. The shape is a personal choice, it can be a triangle, a pie, flower petals etc

The key is taking the time to clarify what lights you up in life and make a pact with yourself that you won’t let anything or anyone distract you from achieving that desired state.

Although I have not read/used it I believe that Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map is a slightly 😉 more developed practice on achieving what lights you up which you may want to check out.

I hope this serves you and I’m curious to hear about how you focus on what lights you up.




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