mercury retrograde mercure

So what’s that? Nothing wrong with my thermometer? It’s not a football trick on Inazuma11Go? You give up?

This is astrology … expected response: oooooooh, astrology!

I’m not big on astrology, when I was younger & in France I used to read the weekly horoscope in the TV guide. In the UK they didn’t seem very interested and so I lost the little interest I had.

In the last couple of years, as I’ve re-acquainted myself with my spiritual side, I have started to follow several ‘new-age/spiritual’ sites, and I’ve noticed an alarm bell being regularly rung: Oh my Gawd, it’s Mercury retrograde, stop everything. It’s usually followed by an article such as ‘how to survive and not screw your entire life when Mercury is in retrograde’.

Well, I’ve checked and Mercury ‘retrogrades’ 3 times a year for between 10 to 30 days each time, that’s quite a lot if you have to put your life on hold every time …

What bothers me most is that these articles are from the same people who tell you the rest of the time: be positive, you can do anything, do not let the fear lead your life etc. I’m no expert but… is it not exactly what you do with the whole Mercury thingy: Let fear lead your life? Make up your mind dear Spiritual leaders and teachers! (Gala Darling article)

Intentionally opening the door to fear and limitation, inviting them into your heart and your head … and then asking them nicely to please buzz off  ‘cos Mercury retrograde is over. Seems like a slightly bonkers attitude to me, although quite in line with our Judeo-Christian traditions.

Thankfully it seems that a (respected) voice has risen saying the whole thing might be a bit exaggerated (Article Gabby Bernstein) and we can carry on living our lives to the full whatever Mercury is doing. Honestly we can create, start a business or take important decisions when Mercury is in retrograde. Phew, I live again …;)

I genuinely believe we create our lives and this is the kind of b*** we do not need unless we need an excuse not to do something.

So let’s go forth and enjoy our fulfilling lives whether Mercury goes up, down or sideway, no?


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