“I am clear on my project and I need an experienced and objective eye to provide me with some guidance. I want to discuss my project, get some advice and have a sounding-board for my ideas. I need to be sure I can do this in confidence.”

My mission as a mentor is to enable you to grow in confidence and in competence so you can fully exploit your potential. I’m with you every step of the way, stepping back as you grow.

Your project can be small (eg. Prep for a key client’s meeting) or big (eg. Launching your business).

My preference is to work with a mixture of face to face meetings, via email, Skype and phone. We set regular sessions and we can be in touch when you need to: preparation, feedback, run-through, brainstorm.


Note: I’m a super-committed mentor therefore I take a lot of time and care working with you. As such I can only take a few mentees during the year. Contact me to discuss your project.


Free Consultation

A powerful conversation to review your needs & goals, and see how we can work together. No strings attached.


After our conversation I will propose a clear pricing plan to meet your needs. All the conditions are detailed in the contract.

Fully Confidential

Your trust is key to our relationship therefore a confidentiality agreement is always signed at the outset.

Important: this also applies to Professional coaching paid by an employer.