Emotions at work, friend or foe?

Traditionally we’ve been taught to keep the 2 separates. Emotions at work conjure up images of screaming banshees or fist fights. We’re told to “take the emotion out of it” when dealing with work situations however I believe something has … Read More

clarity manifesting

The power of clarity

Here is the story of a woman who got clear, it unleashed a series of events which are so inspiring for us all. Without further ado: “Suddenly, I became clear that what I really want is time to create Desire Map … Read More

resolutions that light you up

Resolutions are good, what lights you up is better!

Happy New Year and may all dreams come true! (better late than never as they say…) I rarely make resolutions and even less so on New Year’s Day, my resolutions are made when necessary regardless of the date. I see … Read More

coming out of spiritual closet

Coming out of the spiritual closet

Last November I was reading a blogpost discussing the benefits of ‘coming out’ of the spiritual closet. I felt it was written just for me: I spoke of authenticity but I did not really live it on a daily basis … Read More

mercury retrograde mercure

Mercury Retrograde…

So what’s that? Nothing wrong with my thermometer? It’s not a football trick on Inazuma11Go? You give up? This is astrology … expected response: oooooooh, astrology! I’m not big on astrology, when I was younger & in France I used … Read More


An inspiring story

Came across this story and I thought it was moving and inspiring. no one is broken Let me know what you think. Carine X

To focus on a mantra

Hellooooo! So I’m back with a little idea you my find interesting. At the start of the year I made a pledge to be less judgmental, not the easiest but essential for me. I have ups and downs as I try … Read More


How to remove gossip from your life

A few months ago I read a lovely book, L’âme du monde by F. Lenoir, and in it I came across the following: “A man visits a wise old man: – Master, I must tell you how your disciple behave. … Read More

Fear…that life-sucker

Fear is everywhere, just from the top of my head: fear for my safety and that of my family, fear for my financial stability, fear of being misunderstood, fear of catching a cold, fear of missing my train…You see from … Read More

boredom children indigo paths mum

Let children be bored

Really? Yes, it’s good for them. There seems to be a modern day obsession with activities, a kid at home with no scheduled, supervised activities is bordering child-abuse: your kid is not being entertained, learning or training? Bad parent. Our children … Read More