why bother with leadership?

I read a couple of weeks ago in a French recruiters survey that the HR professionals’ view was that “leadership was very 2016”, you know a bit like Rose Quartz was the colour of 2016 according to Pantone – in case you are wondering the colour of 2017 is Greenery (a murky green for non-expert).

To me this highlights a fundamental lack of understanding of leadership which is a tad worrying coming from HR professionals but I’ll park that one for now.


Great leadership, conscious leadership is NOT management 2.0, this simplification will disappoint everyone


– organisations as they invest in training, coaching, mentoring and see little RoI

– managers wanting to develop their leadership skills and seeing little impact on their work performance or their ability to lead a team

– HR teams trying to measure the impact on the organisation and not seeing much + getting negative feedback from the organisation & the managers


So what is one to do? read this article from Lisa Hale as it gives a better view of what is leadership and decide whether you want to undertake the journey to truly develop your leadership.

Conscious leadership involves developing some essential skills (I don’t like the word soft skills as it implies they are less important):

– developing your self-awareness

– knowing and embracing your personal and professional values

– knowing and growing your talents

– accepting your challenges

– seeing others as allies and having a genuine will to develop their talents

– having a burning desire to be a lifelong learner

– being prepared to put aside your ego for the benefit of the organisation


Those skills enable you to be a leader that can truly be a change maker in the organisation and develop a career on your terms, which is critical as radically new ways of working are entering the workplace.


If a recruiter tells you an organisation is not interested in someone who owns their talents and is committed to always learn & grow, takes full responsibility, has a deep sense of integrity and is committed to being the solution…

I suggest you keep walking, this organisation is sooo last year!

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