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Often ideas happen as a result of meeting someone, and this new coaching package is no exception. After the work I did with a new mum returning to work I reflected on when I went back to work after Mat leave and I also reached out to some of my working mums connections.

Here’s an audio version

I realised new mums going back to work could really do with some support beyond just the practical stuff.

Going back to work after such a life-altering event as having a baby can be tricky. Society, culture, family, friends, colleagues, opinions are everywhere about WHAT you SHOULD DO and HOW you SHOULD FEEL.

So what about how YOU actually feel?

You are happy to go back to work but you are not the same,
but then you are not different,
I mean you’re great at your job,
it’s just that you have new commitments
but it’s not that you’re no longer committed at work

No stress, I’ve got a plan:
1/ you just need to pause for a moment.
2/ let’s untangle your thoughts and feelings, your needs and commitments
3/ so you can CREATE A PLAN to get your mojo back: mindset, boundaries, framework etc
4/ put your plan into action and enjoy a positive return to work

and get your professional mojo back!

And this is what I propose we do with the 3-session “Get your mojo back after Mat Leave” coaching package I have created (don’t think I’ll ever work as a tabloid editor!). This package enables you to work with a certified coach who is here at every step with a process and to support you as you define and create your plan and put it into action.


Here is the detailed process:

Session 1: before returning to work – 2hrs
Reconnect with your professional self: talents, confidence, self-esteem, assertivity. Get a rockstar and rock-solid mindset
Gain clarity on what your objective is now for your career
Get a plan of action to make it happen

Session 2: 2/3 weeks after return – 1h30
Check progress vs your objective now that you’re back
Tweak plan of action as necessary and work through barriers or challenges that may arise
Strengthen your mindset (it’s a life’s work)

Session 3: 6 weeks after return – 2hrs
Check progress vs your objective

Work through remaining barriers or challenges you’ve encountered
Based on learnings and mindset create your career template to be your own coach!


Obviously if you have already returned to work we would adjust to meet your needs.

Sounds good, is it for me?

You are in a managerial role and by that I mean that you are either responsible for a team (at least 1 direct report) or you have budget/target responsibilities.

You are going back to work in the next 2 months or you’ve been back at work less than 6 months.

If you like the idea because you feel something is amiss in your career but you don’t really fit in the “new mum” description. Let’s have a chat about my other coaching services, contact me on

And you are?

My name is Carine San Juan, I am a certified coach and an ex-Corporate junkie: I worked for 20 years for big UK companies and loooved it until I burnt out and decided it was time to listen to my heart and follow my Zone of Genius which is to coach and support women in managerial roles to step up as leaders and have the rewarding and successful career they deserve. Did I mention I was French? I know, nobody’s perfect.

What’s my coaching style? I don’t do BS or platitudes, I’m here to get you to where you want to be and realise the immense talents, skills and capacities you have. I do so in a supportive and kind manner.


And I am a working mum and a less than perfect one:

  • arriving after the nursery’s closed because of bad traffic on the M25 and seeing my sweetie pie all on her own and feeling like the crappiest mother on earth, CHECK
  • keeping same sweetie pie at bay with breadsticks because I’m on an important call and getting to the end of the packet, nooo, CHECK
  • mushed carrot on my white blouse just as I head out the door, CHECK.

I’ll stop there you get the picture, but hey I love my kids and – last time I checked – they love me, everything else is accessory.

As you can see you can throw your anxieties, perceived failures or worries at me I can take it! Listen here for a personal exemple (soz it was early in the morning!)

Let’s get practical

The price of this package is £250 (€270). If you know about business coaching you’re probably wondering why the cost is so low, the answer is simple I want this experience to be accessible to as many women manager as possible.

You can ask your company to fund this coaching. If they decide to have a “Tripartite” agreement ie. a 3-way agreement between you, HR and myself the cost will be higher to include the additional meeting and management time.

The sessions will take place via Skype, I regularly come to London so on occasion we can do 1-1 in the SW London area.


I know you can have a fulfilling and successful career and be a mother (and whoever says “have it all” I will choke them with soggy organic mini rice cakes)

Ready to get your mojo back? Contact me on

I look forward to speaking to you soon

Carine x

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