To turn my ‘aha moments’ into action and lasting change

“I’ve got a big project, I’m worried I won’t manage to see it through successfully, I’ve got the skillset but…

“I’m in a new role and I’m struggling to fit in, be myself and be legitimate, I know I should but…

“I’m looking for a job, I can’t seem to move forward, why am I like that? I must get a job but…

“In my working life I feel like I’m stuck and I want it to change but…

But? Let’s turn it into an ‘and’ shall we?

“And I need you to come along with me on part of my journey so I can go further, higher!”


I totally agree because:

Rule #1: Your desires and ambitions are valid (as long as they’re legal!).

Rule #2: You’re a better leader/manager/colleague/worker/entrepreneur when you are at ease with yourself

Rule #3: You are a responsible and autonomous person who can reach his goals (even if you don’t feel it right now!)

The business coaching I offer is tailor-made for you: to express your desires and ambitions, to clarify your goals and objectives, to understand where you’re stuck so you can get unstuck and put an action plan in place to achieve your goals. And go further, higher!

6-month period
Rise of the Leader
  • 1-1 confidential session
  • Kick off and Closing intensive sessions
  • 1h30 session every 2 weeks
  • Skype or face to face
  • Email and phone follow up
12-week period
Game Changer
  • 1-1 confidential session
  • Kick off and Closing intensive sessions
  • 1h30 session every 2 weeks
  • Skype or face to face
  • Email and phone follow up
one day
Intensive Reboot
  • 1-1 confidential session
  • 1 day intensive to scope out, set objectives and define winning strategies
  • 2 Follow up sessions on Skype
  • Email follow up

From my experience life is not made of clean, airtight boxes labelled ‘work’ or ‘personal’. Your work and personal lives often impact on each other.

When we work together it’s you who decides if there are no-go zones.

My mission is that you are confident and happy being YOU whatever the situation.


Note: I’m your Coach, I’m not your partner, parent or mate. I am on ‘Team YOU’, offering unwavering and unconditional support because I believe in your abilities, your capabilities and your desires. In all confidentiality, with kindness and empathy, I ask difficult questions, the ones you may not want to hear but the ones that will move you forward.

Contact me if you’d like to have a powerful conversation and understand if my coaching is for you.


Free Consultation

A powerful conversation to review your needs & goals, and see how we can work together. No strings attached.


After our conversation I will propose a clear pricing plan to meet your needs. All the conditions are detailed in the contract.

Fully Confidential

Your trust is key to our relationship therefore a confidentiality agreement is always signed at the outset.

Important: this also applies to Professional coaching paid by an employer.