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Often ideas happen as a result of meeting someone, and this new coaching package is no exception. After the work I did with a new mum returning to work I reflected on when I went back to work after Mat leave and … Read More

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Emotions at work, friend or foe?

Traditionally we’ve been taught to keep the 2 separates. Emotions at work conjure up images of screaming banshees or fist fights. We’re told to “take the emotion out of it” when dealing with work situations however I believe something has … Read More

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Accepting to change – The leader’s secret for a successful career

In an earlier article I talked about self-awareness and gave some suggestions to start this journey of self-discovery. A better knowledge of who you are will surely highlight aspects that do not help you being your best self professionally. You … Read More

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self awareness to drive your career

How to develop self-awareness to drive your career

It’s very easy: sit cross-legged for 3 to 4 hours a day, empty your mind and it will all become clear. Don’t fancy that? Really? I’m surprised but ok, let’s look at some alternatives.   Firstly, as my flippant intro … Read More

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Leadership? It’s so last year!

why bother with leadership? I read a couple of weeks ago in a French recruiters survey that the HR professionals’ view was that “leadership was very 2016”, you know a bit like Rose Quartz was the colour of 2016 according … Read More

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Let’s talk about you!

Yep, it’s friday, why don’t you reach out with your questions about coaching and all things leadership and management. Wondering what your next move should be? Should I stay or Should I go? Keen to up your leadership game and … Read More

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Who are you?

I’m a big fan of Myers-Briggs, the accuracy just blew me away – and not always in a good way to be honest: “Carine will neglect her family and friends to pursue her professional goals” ouch, did you need to … Read More

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Alone we go FAST but together we go FAR

A friend has these words on her business card: “Alone we go fast, together we go far.” It is tempting to go it alone, we talk about agility and quick-reaction and this is true. However I realised a while ago … Read More

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full responsibility conscious leadership carine san juan

Do you take full responsibility as a conscious leader?

Do you take full responsibility… I mean really… in a conscious way? If you’d asked me that question a few years ago, I’d have answered with a big “YES, ‘course I do!”. I was genuine, I didn’t fear to stand … Read More

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win competition conscious leadership coaching package


THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! HEAD OVER TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO SEE IF YOU’VE WON This year’s IWD theme is #beboldforchange and we’re all encouraged to take action towards gender parity and breaking any glass ceilings there are left. … Read More

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