Welcome, I’m Carine San Juan

I believe you can be the Leader, you, your organisation, the world needs you to be.

You are a Leader. Yes you are. You have talents, you have skills and today we need you to fully own your leadership to achieve your personal and your organisation’s goals.

The individuals I meet as a Coach always amaze me, they have skills, they have heart, they’ve achieved a lot, their story is inspiring, they ARE great. But they focus on the flaws, the not clever/confident/assertive/etc enough and quickly skip through ALL their immense talents.


And this is how you feel…



So that’s when I come in!

My mission is to help you become THE LEADER YOU ARE and achieve the rewarding & purposeful career you desire.

I am here to REVEAL & ACCELERATE™ your leadership.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world where I held various and interesting roles in consulting, marketing and sales. My passion, work ethic and skills allowed me to get to Director-level and member of the board (yay, one of my goals!).

Those years have given me experience, expertise, strong interpersonal skills, great successes and great failures, so I’m no super-hero however, thanks to my coaching training, I have learnt to put all this to good use to enable you to accelerate your career.



Let’s work together to REVEAL the leader in you and ACCELERATE your leadership development to achieve the career you desire.

signature Carine