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Do you take full responsibility as a conscious leader?

Do you take full responsibility… I mean really… in a conscious way? If you’d asked me that question a few years ago, I’d have answered with a big “YES, ‘course I do!”. I was genuine, I didn’t fear to stand … Read More

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THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! HEAD OVER TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO SEE IF YOU’VE WON This year’s IWD theme is #beboldforchange and we’re all encouraged to take action towards gender parity and breaking any glass ceilings there are left. … Read More

Are you into amateur dramatics or are you a conscious leader?

Well, of course, you’re a serious, conscious leader, no amateur dramatics for you. I beg to differ, keep on reading and let me know if you haven’t heard of that play, the drama triangle. I’m sure you’ve seen this play many … Read More